Monday, January 26, 2015

31 Days of Better Blogging: Day 26 - Sharing

Today's challenge deals with sharing personal information; whether or not to share personal information on a blog post. You have to be careful what bits of your life you choose to share on your blog. If you share too much personal information you may alienate your readers or embarrass others in your life. 

You should share personal stories when it is relevant to the post. For example, when I reviewed Me Tarzan - You Jane I shared about my daughter losing her father when she was younger. It was relevant to the post because I understood the loss the character was dealing with when she lost her husband. The story meant more to me because I had been through some of those same emotions but I had also been helped by my amazing husband to learn to let go and love someone again. That's a good example of sharing something personal. 

A bad example would be if I told everyone in the blogging world something scandalous about myself or someone in my family. Or a close friend. You don't want to embarrass yourself most importantly but you also do not want to betray another person's trust or weird your readers out. 

Be mindful of what you post and think about who it would affect if you post it! 

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