Friday, January 23, 2015

31 Days of Better Blogging: Day 23 - Pros and Cons of Blogging (I'm the Queen)

This challenge was made for me. I am the QUEEN of Pros and Cons. My husband says that on Judgment Day I could probably talk my way into Heaven with a Pros and Cons list. It's that serious. A little background info on me, I have a social anxiety disorder and am recovering from serious OCD issues and the Pros and Cons list have helped me deal with things the past few years of my life. It sounds very elementary but it allows me to see in writing what I'm giving up or missing out on in certain situations if I let my mental illness issues control what I do. 

Pros and Cons lists are a great way to help you evaluate things in your life and to let you see where your priorities are. A great example of this would be the Pros and Cons list would be any time I need to plead my case to my husband about why it is necessary for me to spend obscene amounts of money on something he doesn't realize we really need. 

Some people like to rank their Pros and Cons in the order of importance. I'm not usually one of those people because I'm usually so focused on just trying to get it all out of my head. Ranking your Pros and Cons does seem like a good idea though because it can help you see what is most important to you and that will help you make your decision. 

Here are my Pros and Cons of Blogging:

Pros of Blogging
Cons of Blogging
The ability to be “social” without having to physically interact with anyone.
Having to actually make contact with other people in order to be “social” and not knowing what to say.
The opportunity to get my work out to the world.
Strangers actually reading my work and possibly hating it.
Free books. Hello!
Tight deadlines to read those free books in order to continue getting free books.
Connecting with an author’s work that I really admire
The awkward conversation with an author when I didn’t really like their work and I didn’t give them a good review
Having a schedule to adhere to every day
Having a schedule to adhere to every day
Learning a new skill (blogging, blog design)
Feeling like an idiot when you still can’t figure out why your HTML isn’t working and your SEO isn’t up to par
Being a part of a community of book bloggers who can share the love of all things books
Wishing some bloggers in the community of book bloggers would spill coffee on that new ARC they got that you’ve been trying for weeks to get and have yet to get a response or been denied for
Being able to expand my reading world to genres and books that I wouldn’t have necessarily have read otherwise
Having a TBR list so long that when I die there will still be 200 books left waiting for a review. (Can you leave a review blog to someone in your will? Congratulations, Tiny Tyrant, all of these books need to be reviewed by tomorrow!)
The sense of pride when your follower numbers go up and your page views continue to climb
The awkward conversation you have with family members who don’t “get” what you do
The ability to promote my book
Feeling as if I’m annoying people with my book promotion
Discovering books before they’re made into movies
Listening to people talk about the movie and you silently judge them because you know the book was better and they are ruining the story by supporting the movie
What are your Pros and Cons? 

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