Friday, January 2, 2015

31 Days of Better Blogging: Day 2 - Spring Cleaning!

Today's goal is to clean up your blog and rid your sidebars of old, out of date nonsense, plugins that don't work, links that have gone on strike, etc. I'm fairly confident that I will succeed at this goal today because my blog is still new-ish which means I do not have much junk to clean out since I haven't had an opportunity to electronically hoard blogging stuff, yet. 

I failed at yesterday's goal, unfortunately. I think I managed to comment on 3 blogs. But I had extenuating circumstances that kept me from reading anymore blogs yesterday. 

And yes, Alabama football was an extenuating circumstance. Even if they played like crap and lost to Ohio State. (Who played a phenomenal game!) Congrats to you, Ohio State! 

Anyway, now that I'm done crying about football....let's get back to cleaning! I'm pretty sure my GoodReads widget is going to disappear from my sidebar. It's never up to date with what I'm actually currently reading and at this point I'm not sure if that's my fault or GoodReads fault (although I'm willing to bet it's mine) and I don't like it reminding me that I have a terrible memory for updating my Currently Reading list. And I thought about making that a regular blog post. Maybe. Eventually. Geez, I'm a terrible blogger.... 

Also, probably going to move around or just delete my NaNoWriMo winner badge all together. I don't feel like much of a winner when it comes to NaNo and my finished project and seeing it just makes me a little bit depressed. Woe is me... 

But seriously....
What will you be cleaning out today? 

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