Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Writing Prompt Wednesday: Scorpion Swallower

Welcome to another Writing Prompt Wednesday!! 

I found this week's inspiration on Pinterest. (I might have a slight addiction.) It was such a unique prompt that I couldn't resist using it for this week. 

My Story: 

Lemon, a loud-mouthed gnome sitting in the cell next to me, was beating on the iron bars with a sharp-edged rock he found in the corner of the cell. He'd been beating the same spot on a lower bar near the left side of the cell for nearly ten minutes now. 

"What are you going to do when the guards catch you?"

"Drop the rock. For someone who is supposed to be a being of higher intelligence, you sure are stupid."

I scratched at the scabs on my wrist where Eric's fingernails scratched my skin as I had tried to get away from him. The fairy thought that I came to this world to kill him. I actually had ended up here by mistake. An accident, really.  

"You're not a very nice troll." 

"TROLL?" Lemon's eyes grew two sizes larger as he turned and screamed at me. "I'm not a frackin' troll! I'm a gnome!" 

"A roaming gnome?" 

He threw his rock at me. Evidently, Travelosity commercials were not very popular in this realm. 

"I wish the guards would let me talk to Eric. If I could just explain to him how I got here and that I'm just trying to get home, maybe he'll let me out." 

"You're going to try to reason with a man who swallows scorpions for fun? Did I mention you're stupid, already?" 

"Well, anything sounds stupid when you say it like that." 

Let's see what you've got! Send me your stories and yours could get featured next week! 

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