Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Writing Prompt Wednesday - Leave Me Your Stories And Get Featured Next Week!

I've started a new feature here on Writer In Progress. I'm excited to announce that Wednesdays are now Writing Prompt Wednesdays!! 

I will post a new writing prompt each Wednesday. For this Wednesday I will share a bit of my writing that was inspired by the prompt but for Wednesdays following I want to be able to feature other writer's stories! If you were inspired by the prompt on Writing Prompt Wednesday, leave your story in the comments or e-mail me ( and the best one will be featured the next week right here on my blog!! 

Today's Prompt: 

A man and a woman are the only two people in a hospital waiting room. The man is actually an angel waiting for the time to take the woman's husband to Heaven. Write the conversation he has with her before he leaves with her husband. 

My story: 

"It's a bit chilly in here, isn't it?"  

"A little. That's why I always bring a jacket with me. I don't mind it much though because it keeps me awake so I don't miss any of the visiting times. They're so short in this part of the hospital. Thirty minutes. Sounds like a lot but fifteen of that is interrupted by nurses coming in to check this and that. Or cleaning ladies coming in to change out garbage bags. I don't want to miss the fifteen minutes that I do actually get to spend with Mason. That's my husband. He's got prostate cancer. Stage four. Who are you here to see if you don't mind me asking?" 

"An acquaintance, really. I'm here as a favor for a very important friend."

"Well, that's mighty nice of you. Not too many people take time out of their lives like that anymore. You're a rare breed." 

"You know, I've heard that before. Mrs. ?"

"Perry. But you can call me Charlene. We're going to be sitting here a while, might as well make a friend, right?" 

"Of course. What do you do, Charlene? When you're not here, I mean."

"These days not much of nothing. I was a school teacher for twenty five years. I taught second grade. Now I just sort of piddle in my garden and make dresses for my grandbabies on my sewing machine. I used to do them by hand but my hands can't take the abuse anymore. Mason bought me that sewing machine last year before he got sick. He was so excited because he'd kept it a secret from me for almost a month. It was sitting right there in our house and I never even knew it." 

"Your husband sounds like a thoughtful man." 

"Oh, he has his moments. But he has always been very kind. Would give you the shirt right off his back if need be. They don't make 'em like Mason anymore. I really lucked up when I managed to snag him. I sure am going to miss him when he's gone." 

"Do you think he'll be going soon?"

"Any day now, I suspect. He's tired. I can see it on his face. He's lived a good, happy life and he's managed to raise three beautiful children and helped spoil eight darling grandchildren. He served in the Army, worked as state trooper for thirty years, volunteered at a youth center down the street from our house for fifteen years, and donated any spare money we had to just about every charity he came across. He knows that he's leaving a legacy to be proud of. I think he's just stubborn and doesn't want to go out until he's absolutely ready. He tells me every time I go back there to see him that he loves me but this last time, earlier today, he said 'Charlene, I'm going to love you even when I'm gone'. And that's how I knew he's ready. He's just waiting on his old, worn out body to give in now." 

"Do you believe in Heaven, Charlene?"

"One hundred percent. And I believe Mason will be there when he finally leaves this world. What about you, Mr -- I'm so sorry, I didn't catch your name?" 

"You can call me Gabe. I believe in Heaven. I believe in angels. I think they walk around this earth, passing right by you and you don't even realize it."

"I hope no angels were around here earlier today. I stubbed my toe on that table over there and I let out a string of ugly words a mile long. Unless, of course, they're Baptist angels and then it's okay because it's not a Sunday." 

"They might be Catholic. You may have to light a few candles and say some 'Hail Mary's'." 

"Whatever they are, I hope they can forgive an old soul with a bruised toe." 

"I'm sure sweet, foul-mouthed old ladies are the least of their worries. Is that time right on that clock over there?"

"Yes. It's a quarter til three. I can't believe it's three A. M. already. I lose track of the time out here sometimes." 

"As much as I hate to, Charlene, I have to cut our conversation short. It's time for me to fulfill my favor and take this man home." 

Leave me your stories! I'd love to read them and I will feature the best one next week!!

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