Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Writing Prompt Wednesday: Divorce Lawyer

Welcome to the 3rd Writing Prompt Wednesday!! I am so excited that I can feature someone else's story inspired by last week's prompt!! 
 Last week's prompt was:

Write a scene that begins: "It was the first time I killed a man." 

The awesome cdoart left this little snippet for me and I wanted to feature it this week! 

It was the first time I killed a man - and the surprising thing, I got away with it. 
You don't believe me? 
Well, it all began last Monday. I went to work as usual. My boss was late for a meeting, as was usual as well. 
When he called me from his mobile to bring him something for his meeting he had left at the bureau the last Friday (which in truth was something he had not done and I had to miraculously procure out of thin air), the drama began to unfold. It would finally kill a man, but nobody knows, not even my boss. 
And as that is how I want it to stay, I just can't reveal, who it was that I killed. 
It obviously was not my boss, though annoying as he is, he would deserve to be next. I just don't like him as much as my first victim to ...
Let me know in the comments below what you think of cdoart's story! 

Now, on to this week's prompt! I'm using 642 Things To Write About again this week. I have a feeling I'll be using it quite a bit. It has some amazing prompts in it! 
Today's Prompt: 

You are the lawyer in a divorce case. The only point of contention is custody of the dog. Argue that your client should get the pup. 

My story: 

Your honor, my client, Mrs. Deavoreaux, should be granted custody of this Italian Greyhound pup, Julian because Mrs. Deavoreaux is the one who trained him, takes him to the vet, and takes him to his grooming appointments. Also, she cannot produce children and views Julian as her own child. You can't simply separate mother and child now can you? Further more, Mr. Deavoreaux should not be granted custody of Julian because he only uses Julian's charm to pick up women since he has no charm of his own. That's how we ended up here today. Mr. Deavoreaux offered to take Julian for a walk at the dog park downtown and decided that it would be a wise idea to use Julian as an ice breaker to get a young woman to warm up to him enough for him to ask her out for dinner and drinks. Unfortunately for Mr. Deavoreaux, he managed to hit on Julian's groomer, who immediately called Mrs. Deavoreaux to inform her of how devious and, in her words, "downright nasty" Mr. Deavoreaux truly is. Julian also has a habit of pooping in Mr. Deavoreaux's shoes, just in case that might help you make your decision. 

Okay, guys! Let me know what you think of my story, let me read your stories inspired by the prompt, or leave a prompt of your own and I'll use it next week! 

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