Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Welcome, welcome to Writing Prompt Wednesday!! 

I don't have a cool story for last week's prompt to share so let's just get straight into this week's writing inspiration! 

Today's Prompt: 
Two people are arguing in an elevator. One of them is holding a bag of oranges. 
Write about why the bag of oranges is significant. 

My story: 
"Did you buy the biggest bag of oranges they had?" 

"Are you seriously mad at me right now because I bought a bag of oranges?" 

I turned and faced Jeremy for the first time since we had gotten on the elevator. He was so beautiful with his shaggy hair mussed from the wind outside and his three-day old stubble on his square jaw. It hurt to look him in his eyes, though. It wasn't about the oranges. It was about who he bought the oranges for. Marguerite. Marguerite Beauchamp was our new neighbor from across the hall. A gorgeous, long-legged French girl with long locks of chestnut colored hair that never seemed to move, as if it were capable of defying all laws of motion. Marguerite was sick with a cold and had mentioned to us as we were standing behind her, waiting to dump our garbage down the shoot, that she really wanted a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice. Three hours later, my fiance is holding a bag of oranges so big that I wondered if he had stolen them from the zoo. There was no way that he purchased this enormous bag at Wal-Mart because he had a craving for orange juice. He had a craving for Marguerite Beauchamp......

Okay, there's my story for the week. Let's see what you guys come up with! Leave me your story in the comments or email me (! Also, send me ideas for writing prompts! You just might get your story or your idea featured next week! 

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