Saturday, March 7, 2015

Blog Tour: Animal - Nikki Rae + Review + Book Trailer + GIVEAWAY!


Ava has spent her life running from the monsters that lurk in the shadows, always the prey. She finally thinks she can settle down, have a normal life, and work on not being so scared of the world around her. That is until she runs into her worst fear. 

He has finally found the potential family he has always wanted. All he has to do is make his little bird sing. Will Ava escape with her humanity intact?


I am in awe over this book. I am not really a huge fan of paranormal stuff but when I came across the synopsis of Nikki Rae's book, I knew I had to read it. I am so excited that she was kind enough to allow me an opportunity to review! 

I connected with the main character Ava right from the beginning because of her love and affection for animals. Ever since the accident that took away Ava's family, she's moved around from place to place with her cousin Toni and as a result she does not do well with interacting with other people. Animals love people unconditionally and do not judge others which is what draws Ava to them. When she and her cousin Toni move to a new neighborhood and she starts her new job a pet store, she meets two men who purchase a yellow canary. While her encounters with these two men seem really strange at first, she tries not to put too much thought into them because she is trying to keep from being so afraid of things. Little does she know that she will be meeting those men again soon. 

Ava's parents worked with vampires. And Ava blames them for her parents death. She's been terrified of vampires ever since. She's scared of being alone at night and is usually very cautious. On several different occasions at night she's heard a cat crying outside so when a young girl knocks on her door one morning asking her to help her look for her lost cat, she thinks nothing of helping her. This would be Ava's undoing. 

Ava's perseverance had to be my favorite element of her personality. Instead of giving up and letting the torment and torture happen without putting up a fight she tries on more than one occasion to escape the hell she's been forced into. She puts all of her energy into focusing on how to get away from the nightmare come to life. 

I'm scared if I talk about anymore of the other characters I'll give away too much of the book because I loved it so much and I won't be able to help myself. Michael is one of the best written characters in this book, in my humble opinion. Nikki writes him so well that you can't help but hate him. He's just that evil. And Evan is so endearing that he easily becomes of the favorites in the story. 

This is the first story I've read by Nikki Rae and I can honestly say that I will be reading more from her. I will be reading her Sunshine series as soon as I get a chance. I need some more of Nikki's dark, creepy writing in my life. And more surprises like the ending of this book. I didn't see it coming but it was a very good way to end it! 

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