Saturday, March 21, 2015

REVIEW: Glenn Hates Books - Glenn Conley

Recently I was approached by Glenn to review my book, The Letters and when he mentioned his book, I agreed to review it. I must say I was more at ease with agreeing to review his book than I was to let him review mine. And the reviews in this book (and the ones on his blog/Goodreads) are precisely the reason why I was scared to let him review my book. 

Glenn claims to hate books. If you read just his one-star reviews, you might really believe that he is telling the truth. He's not, though. I'm on to him. Glenn doesn't hate books. He actually really likes and that's why he's so damn critical of what is put in front of him. His attitude towards books starts changing in his three-star reviews and by the five-star reviews, Glenn's affection for books really shines through. He loves 'em. 

I will say these reviews are not for the faint of heart, though. Or for anyone offended by foul language or jokes that can be a homophobic or make light of sexual assault. I honestly cannot say that I found all of Glenn's jokes funny but I didn't take them to heart, either. Yes, he's crass and abrasive but his tone is full of humor. You can tell that he doesn't really want to "ass-rape" an author but you can feel his frustration at how amazingly awful the author has managed to write the book. If Gordon Ramsey and a sailor were to have a love child and that love child grew up to review books, it would be Glenn. That is the best way I can describe his reviews. He gets incredibly frustrated with how much a book sucks and lets them have it. Which, being completely honest, some authors really need a review that scathing. 

"Brutally Honest Book Reviews" is not a lie. It tells you everything you need to know about this book before you even open it. And yet, I was still surprised by just how brutally honest they were. And that is why Glenn is now on my list of Go-To reviewers when I'm interested in a book. If he says it sucks, I'm probably not going to waste my time reading it. You can also use his book to play a drinking game. Take a drink every time you see the word 'fuck' and you should be good and schnockered before you ever even get to the three-star reviews! 

Check his book out on Amazon

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