Thursday, March 5, 2015

To Facebook or Not To Facebook?

Our society now is very social-media centered. From what I've learned on my blogging journey so far, social media is a big part of blogging. It's what helps get your name and content out to the masses. I have a Twitter, a neglected Tumblr (I seriously can't figure that thing out), a neglected Tsu (I forget about it), a Pinterest page, a Goodreads page, and a Bloglovin' profile. I feel like I'm "out there" but I still feel like I'm missing something. And thus, the question, to Facebook or not to Facebook? 
I have a personal Facebook profile and in the last few months I've noticed that I hardly use it unless it's to share news articles, funny stories, or inappropriate pictures that I'm sure my grandmother frowns at. So I'm wondering how effective having a Facebook page for my blog would be? I feel a little burned out on my personal page and get somewhat exhausted reading the newsfeed. And I also know that not every page I "like" even shows up on my newsfeed which makes me wonder how many people would actually see my page if I were to make one? 

Is Facebook a valuable tool for you? Has it helped you gain exposure and/or followers? To Facebook or Not To Facebook? 

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