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Fenton Grace

Monday, Sunday by Fenton Grace:

Publisher: Hanover Press (May 4, 2015)
 Category: Women’s Fiction, Literary, Contemporary, with a Noir edge 
ISBN: 978-0-9961534-0-9 
Tour Date: August/September, 2015 
Available in: Print & ebook, 287 Pages 

 Set in a small town in Colorado, Monday, Sunday tells the enthralling story of Laney Secord.  She is a 32-year-old single mother who finds herself attracted to a 16-year-old Eagle Scout, Christopher.  Unable to accept her feelings, Laney becomes involved with Christopher’s father, Bill.  In the course of a week, a romantic triangle envelops the trio and changes their lives in ways in which none of them could have imagined. A gripping story of a complex woman at a crossroads in her life. A woman who is determined to rediscover herself.  She becomes powerfully aware that every decision she makes could mean life or.. death. 

 "In this beautifully written and compelling novel, author Fenton Grace explores the consequences of flawed choices, the nature of betrayal and forgiveness, and the boundaries of sexual attraction." Noah, Book Reviewer


Monday, Sunday is a very interesting book. You often see and read on the news about adults who have inappropriate relationships with teenagers but you never really think about how they happened or what may have lead them to that point. This is an interesting take on such a taboo topic. As much as my stomach wanted to turn at the thought of an older woman with a teenage boy, I understood Laney's feelings of loneliness and of longing to feel youthful and desirable again after she felt like life had beaten her down. 

I give this book a solid 4-star rating. I won't give it 5 stars because I HATED the ending. This was one of the only negative point in the entire book for me. I don't want to give too much away but I feel like it just ended. For me there was no resolve, no finish. Just "the end". And I don't like books that end like that. I don't like that unresolved feeling. 

I also feel like it was a little shorter than it should have been. I don't think the characters were as developed as they could have been if maybe the book were just a little bit longer. Things seemed a little rushed in places like the author was hurrying the characters along. 

I did enjoy the characters, though. As a young mother, I can see bits of myself in Laney. I understand that feeling of wanting to feel young again. I don't think I'd have gone to the extreme she did in order to gain that feeling back but to each their own! This is a great, quick read. I finished it in about two days. I look forward to seeing more from Fenton Grace! 

About Fenton Grace:

Fenton Grace

Fenton Grace was born and raised in New England.  She graduated from Brown University with a degree in French.  She enjoys playing piano, tennis, and keeping in shape with Pilates.  She’s worked in the entertainment industry at several television and movie studios in a variety of business services roles.  Happily married for 17 years, she is the proud mother of two kids and currently lives in beautiful Southern California.  Monday, Sunday is her first novel. Website: Twitter:

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  Fenton Grace
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