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REVIEW BLITZ: The Fallen Idols Motorcycle Club Review Series - Savannah Rylan

**I received the copies of these books from Mark My Words Review Team in exchange for an honest review. Any thoughts and opinions are my own.** 


Here we meet Trista and Blaze for the first time. I know in books like these you're supposed to have the hots for the big bad, super-duper, alpha male but I have to say I developed quite a crush on Trista. She is bad to the bone and she knows it. I really liked reading about a women in the role of one of the 'brothers' of a club instead of just the President's hot daughter or some old lady that is being lusted after. The fact that she demanded to be treated just like one of the guys and got right there in the trenches along with them when it came time to fight really impressed me. 

Don't get me wrong, though. Blaze is hot, hot, hot, smoking hot! Seriously. He's hot. And Trista takes him home for a steamy one-night stand, not knowing that he is the club's newest prospect. Once she realizes he's a prospect and off limits, Trista isn't sure if she can trust him as part of the club. But I think he proves his loyalty to her and the club by the end of the book. 

This is a quick read that sets you up for the next books. It can be read as a stand-alone but...why would you do that? 


This book introduces us to Axel and Paige. Axel ends up serving 90 days in prison for defending the club against a rival gang. He's in big trouble once his sentence is commuted because he's not going to county lockup. He's going to prison and there are plenty of guys in the prison with ties to the rival Las Almas gangs that he was just fighting against. Axel ends up getting injured while serving his time and has to go to the infirmary. 

And there is where he first lays eyes on Paige. Paige is a newly graduate RN who is working as a prison nurse in order to pay off her student loans. She isn't interested in meeting anyone, especially a motorcycle club member in prison. All of that changes when she meets Axel. 

I wasn't sure how much I really liked Paige at first but she kind of grew on me as the book went on. She gives Axel a tough job of proving that not all motorcycle guys are alike and lucky for us readers, Axel is not one to give up so easily. 


This is Sawyer and Ryder's first book. It takes place around the same time as the last book because Axel is still in prison when this story starts. Sawyer and Ryder were best friends, high school sweethearts, and lovers engaged to be married. The club was Sawyer's life. And then suddenly, without warning, Sawyer disappeared. For five years no one knew where she was or why she'd left. 

And just as suddenly, Sawyer reappears to help take care of her ailing mother. And then to protect her little brother who is prospecting the club. Sawyer's appearance conveniently coincides with an investigation by the feds and some people in the club suspect her of being the rat, including her best friend, Trista. 

Sawyer and Ryder have both tried to move and they try to pretend that they don't want to be with each other anymore but I saw right through it. They were meant to be together. But Sawyer's broken heart and the anger she's held against the club makes things difficult for her and Ryder to pick up where they left off. 

This was probably my favorite book in this series. I really loved the mystery of where Sawyer was and then seeing her come back and be suspected of being a rat made the whole story much more interesting. Even I thought she might have been the rat for a minute! 


Here we catch back up with Trista and Blaze. Someone is still stealing parts from the MC and the feds are still sniffing around. Things are getting tense and heating up between Trista and Blaze. 

The mystery of who is stealing the parts is amped up a little bit because Trista starts suspecting that it might be a fellow Fallen Idols club member. Blaze is also trying to figure out what happened to his father but he keeps like Trista distract him. These two are the hottest couple in the whole series and their chemistry is undeniable. But is it enough to keep them together? 

I love these two characters! And I love that Savannah made us wait so long to read about these two again. The ending definitely threw me for a loop and I may or may not have said some cuss words but overall, it's still a great read! 


(There are two covers of this book. And this one doesn't actually match the other covers but he's so pretty I had to use this one!) 

This was my least favorite book in the series. For some reason I just don't care too much for Axel and Paige. In the book they go together well but it just feels like something is missing. Like there's more potential for the two of them. 

This book brings us around to Axel being a free man. He's free from prison but he's still not free of Paige's impression on him. He can't get her out of his head. She still doesn't want to have anything to do with motorcycle gangs and Axel is doing everything he can to prove to her that he's not what she thinks he is. 

Parts are still coming up missing and the club is scrambling to find out who is doing it. (I think I've figured it out by this point.) 


We're back with Sawyer and Ryder and as the two of them get closer Ryder realizes that Sawyer is hiding something from him. Parts are coming up missing, her little brother is in trouble with Las Almas, and someone is still ratting the club out to the feds. Ryder starts to wonder if the girl he's been in love with most of his life is the one person that is going to destroy them all. 

I had my doubts about Sawyer in the first book. I thought no way could she really be the rat. And then I read this book and started second guessing everything. Is she the rat? Is it coincidental? You're going to have to read this series and figure it out for yourself! 

This is an amazing series full of quick, hot reads that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and talking to yourself if you're anything like me! These books could probably be read as stand-alones but I think you would really be doing yourself a disservice by not exploring the books of the other couples. Savannah Rylan does a great job of tying all of the people together into one really great story! 

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