Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Book Writing Voodoo

While I've been researching ways to promote and sell the book I've already written I've seen a lot of blog posts and articles recommending that you as an author have several books out a once. This sounds like a great idea. It gives your readers a few options and it gives you an opportunity to let your readers sample some of your other works in order to sell more books. I get it, I really do. 


I cannot find anywhere on the internet exactly what kind of voodoo, hoodoo, hinky-jinky, black magic, devil spell authors are using to crank out books in such a hurry! 

I've been working on my second book since right after I put the first one out in January. I'm not even half-way through the book. My characters do not seem to want to cooperate with the story line or I would be farther along than I am. I've been writing (almost) every day and I still have so much left to do before I can actually finish this story. And I've also been trying to write a prequel to The Letters, partly to draw more attention to the book and because I've had several people ask me about the characters in that book. It started out well but has kind of fizzled out so it's on a shelf right now just waiting for me to pick it back up. 

I did all of that whining to say that....

Just kidding. You guys already knew that. 

I do wonder, though, how writers can bust out five complete novels in the blink of an eye. How does that happen? And I know that some people have actually worked on those cluster of stories for a really long time and just decided to release them all at the same time but I'm talking about those writers who are publishing a new book every one to two months. WHAT IS YOUR SECRET? I really need to know what the secret is for slinging out stories like this. It's not even for the marketing aspect of it for me at this point. I'm genuinely curious to know how one does something like this. Is there a formula or something I'm missing? I need someone to enlighten me on this so that I can see if I am capable of it as well because right now I'm pretty much in Limbo while my characters are just screwing with me. 

Do you have a special formula for cranking out book after book? Or are you struggling to get your next project out like I am? Do you know the voodoo spell? 

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