Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Dude, I'm a workaholic, what about you? 
Ever wondered how to stay sane, productive and creative at the same time? 
I’d already done this hard quest, so let me share my findings — a bunch of things that proved to make me a happier, healthier and more successful freelancer. 

This is not a guide like "how to become rich designing" — as there are many, and money alone can't make you any happier. Instead, it's simple, actionable advice to help find and utilize some excess energy that you could use to make any kind of change in your life. It can be working more effective, earning more money, or making your life more enjoyable itself. 
It’s not a diet, an exercise plan or productivity system. Instead, it’s a number of tips, tricks, algorithms and some thought behind them to help you form your own system in every possible area of personal change. 

So if you’ll read the guide and follow at least some advice, expect to: 
— Become less anxious and befriend fears 
— Optimize time and energy spending. 
— Become more focused and work more effectively. 
— Sleep better using less sleep time. 
— Feel yourself happier and more confident. 
— Have a much better life/work balance.

Free on Amazon until October 16th!! 

About the Author: 

I’m a 31-year old web and app designer from a cold town of Irkutsk, Russia, writing about freelance, motivation, time management and alike.

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