Saturday, December 6, 2014

Book List Challenges: How Many Have You Read? + (Roll Tide!!)

While searching for something else, I came across a website called List Challenges. You create an account on the website and you get points for things you have done on lists created by other members. They have several lists for books and I was interested to see how many books I had read from some of the lists. I learned that I obviously have not made a significant dent in my To Be Read pile! 

Here are some of the lists to have fun with. See how many books you've read! 

Time Magazines 100 Best Novels of All Time
101 Best Selling Books of All Time
Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge
BBC Believes You've Only Read 6 of These Books
50 Romantic Novels
100 Most Frequently Challenged Books
GoodReads Top 100 Contemporary Romances
Guardian's 1000 Novels Everyone Should Read

Oh, unrelated to books but I'm to excited not to share, Alabama is the 2014 SEC Champion! 

Roll Tide! 

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