Sunday, November 23, 2014

Review: SEALs of Winter Box Set

**Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions on this book are my own.**

The SEALS of Winter is a collection of nine stories written by Cora SetonElle Kennedy, Jennifer Lowery, Elle James, Anne Marsh, S. M. Butler, Delilah Devlin, Kimberley Troutte, and Zoe York! All nine storys follow a SEAL on his journey to finding the love of his life, even if he wasn't really looking for love. Pour yourself a glass of wine, get cozy by a fire, and dive into this fabulous box set! 

I loved all 9 of these stories but I'm going to review my three favorites: 
The Navy SEAL's Christmas Bride - Cora Seton
This story had me laughing out loud at the antics between Dan Hemmins and Sarah Metlin. Sarah is bound and determined to prove that she's more than qualified to join special forces in the military and Dan is dead set on proving her wrong. What started out as a competition between soldiers quickly turns into a battle of the sexes that leaves them both hot and bothered. When Dan finally concedes that Sarah's an excellent soldier and an incredibly sexy woman, he stops at nothing to make her his forever. Between the competitions and the steamy sex scenes I couldn't stop reading until I got to the end. Sarah's determination is endearing and admirable. Dan's confidence and competitive edge made him oh so sexy! 

A SEAL for Christmas - Jennifer Lowery 
If I knew that I could meet someone like Donovan by getting hit by a car while riding my bicycle, I'd be on my way to buy a new bicycle! When Cloe gets hit by a crazy guy running a red light, Donovan quickly steps in to protect her from the guys insults. He even promises the EMTs to look after her since she refused to go to the hospital. One night of protection turns into a few days once the same crazy guy starts calling Cloe and threatening her, Donovan is determined not to let her out of his sight. Cloe, still apprehensive to letting people in after losing her family and her fiance last Christmas, is starting to slowly let Donovan into her heart. Donovan's multilingual seduction had me dreaming of Irish/Italian men! And his family was icing on the cake! They were like real people you want to go home and spend the holidays with!

SEALed Until Christmas - S.M. Butler
Jesse Richter and Charlie Morgan couldn't be more perfect for each other. Jesse, who is steal dealing with the death of his first love, believes that he can save everyone he comes across. Charlie, who has her own cross to bare, believes she doesn't need help from anyone. Little do they know that they are going to save each other from a lifetime of heartbreak and loneliness. Charlie's secrets may tear them apart but Jesse may just be strong enough to keep them together if he learns to let go of his guilt from the past. These two characters were so well-written that you could feel their emotions right along with them. You could fell the love between the two of them radiating off of the page. This was definitely one of my favorite stories in the collection! 

Please be sure to look up all of the wonderful authors who contributed to this collection. I've been cyber-stalking their websites since I finished these so that I can read their other works. And be sure to let them know how much you loved these stories after you read them! 


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